Lost & Found Boat – images

A 15-foot pirogue

Pirogue - Ausable Marsh

Here are a few more words about – and images of – the Lost & Found Boat that is the protagonist of the tale by the same name (see Thoughts & Tales).  This plywood pirogue was built as a “hundred dollar boat” to be left next to a favorite marsh through the gunning season.  She “disappeared” after one month – but was rediscovered about 10 years later.

Here is the pirogue shortly after it was completed – it just got its first paint.

Pirogue - First Paint

The next order of business was “sea trials” – conducted right here on the farm – on the Hickory Swamp.  Cap’n Fowler found that she was good….

Pirogue - Sea Trials 1   Pirogue - Sea Trials 2

The bow – and stern are stiff and strong enough with a single stem in each.  It is easy to get in and out over the bow or stern.

Stem   Stemhead   Pirogue - interior

The interior is open and mostly unobstructed.  The after stem is flush with the rubrails.

Pirogue - Bow interior   Stern

Here are the stiffeners that give some camber to her floor and prevent “oilcanning”.

Floor Frames

Here she is under way – during the one month of our first relationship.

Ware Brothers under way

Here she is after her “rediscovery” – getting a little TLC at Pencil Brook Boatworks.

Upright Hull in Shop - adjusted   Battenkill Bateau - Hull in Shop - upside down

LOGO Butterball - small

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