Green-wing Teal

  GWTeal - Debar 2011 rr

It’s always a treat to see some Green-wings.  We jumped a bunch of 7 or so on a float trip last fall – the emerald green speculums flashing in the low afternoon sunlight will stay with me forever.

Greenwing Drake - April 2013

I hope this posture combines this little Drake’s grace with some tension.  He is thinking about preening but needs to make sure everything is well with the world first.  And, although I did not drop the wing, I did exaggerate the speculums so their patches of iridescence would balance those on the headdress.  Finally, as with all of my wooden birds, he is hollowed with fairly thin walls – so he tips the scale at about 7 ounces.

GWTeal drake - closeup - April 2013   Greenwing Drake - April 2013 closeup   Greenwing Drake - April 2013 front end

Necks twisted so severely open up opportunities for experimenting with the contours and shapes.  Every part of this bird is fun to paint but achieving the multi-layered look of the breast spots is a special challenge.

 WS - Greenwing Teal Pair 1990

I carved this decorative pair for my parents in 1990.  To my eye, the form of a sleeping duck is one of the most elegant in nature.

Greenwing Hen 1990 - closeup   - closeup

Although she is a so-called Sleeper, she is not ltting her guard down.  The Drake gives me a chance to “fake” some iridescence.

Balsa Greenwing Drake - 1994

This little gunner is made from Balsa with a White Pine head and a plastic tail insert.

LOGO Butterball - small

One thought on “Green-wing Teal

  1. The positions are great, they look like they have a little abstract to them but that is why it is so great also. The paint job is similar it is realistic and what it should be but with a little of your touch to it.
    Good Hunting!

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