LIDCA Contemporary Decoy Exhibition – RESULTS 2016


“Sea Trials”

1 CDE overview

Our first-ever Contemporary Decoy Exhibition at the 2016 Long Island Decoy Collectors Association Annual Show was a success overall but did experience some problems that prevented it from being as good as it could or should have been.  Antique decoys and a Narrative were displayed to explain the historical roots of decoys and decoy competitions. Craig Kessler organized the contributed decoys of numerous LIDCA members; Steve Sanford prepared the Narrative and its illustrations.

We had more entries than we anticipated and had to add several more tables on-the-fly. A total of 106 decoys was entered by a total of 38 carvers from 7 states.  Mary Meyers received the mail-in entries and helped to register all of the birds on the day of the Show. Ray Geminski – aided by an impromptu team of “runners”, including Ted Sadleir, George Combs and George Rigby – photographed each of the 106 entries. Subsequently, Steve Sanford edited each portrait and is working with Ryan Yanelli to post all on the LIDCA website.

Approximately 150 ballots were cast by the public. Votes were tallied by a 3-person team: Mary Meyers, Bill McKinley & Ted Sanford. Blue Ribbons were awarded for first place (most votes) for each species. In addition, a Best-in-Show framed certificate was awarded one decoy in the Shang Wheeler Class and one in the Al McCormick Class.

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The Entries

Here are the portraits of the 106 entries.  Our apologies to the carvers – and viewers – for the few less-than-crisp images.

The Class ~ Al McCormick Gunning Decoys

Here are the rules:

” Al McCormick Gunning Class will show the simpler, more durable decoys – typical gunning stool.  Al was “Mr. Decoy” for decades on Long Island and taught scores of gunners to make their own rigs – especially of Black Ducks, Broadbill and Brant.  So, these decoys  – including bills, crests, wingtips or tails – should withstand rough handling.  Paint jobs should be readily duplicated with minimal instruction and consistent with the advice from Eugene Connett’s Duck Shooting long the Atlantic Tidewater:   “Remember that it is not so much the appearance of the bird in hand but the effect of a half-gunshot off that counts.”

A couple of these birds are a bit to fancy for the category – especially the paint.  We disqualified no birds during Year 1.

Al McCormick Gunning Class BRANT

MBr01 Steve SanfordMBr02 -Gary DiMarcoMBr03 George WilliamsMBr04 - Ralph Nocerino AMBr05 Lyle SmithMBr06 Paul DobroskyMBr07 Joe Daly AMBr08 sandy Allen

Al McCormick Gunning Class BLACK DUCK

MBD01 Steve SanfordMBD02 Frank ZamparielloMBD03 Gary DiMarcoMBD04 Thomas PipczynskiMBD05 Ralph NocerinoMBD06 Alan EastmanMBD07 Don Rousseau AMBD08 Mike ScheibelMBD09 Mike ScheibelMBD10 Jode Hillman AMBD11 Allison HillmanMBD12 Bill EmbacherMBD13 Pete RevickiMBD14 Peter RevickiMBD15 George Combs III AMBD16 George Combs III AMBD17 Paul DobroskyMBD18 Capt Larry MetzgerMBD19 Phil Eager AMBD20 George Berry JyMBD21 George Rigby IVMBD22 Joe PendergastMBD23 Joe PendergastMBDx24 Joe DalyMBDxx25 Joe Daly

Al McCormick Gunning Class BROADBILL

MBB01 Tom RoweMBB02 Tom RoweMBB03 Steve SanfordMBB04 Gary DiMarcoMBB05 George WilliamsMBB06 John BourbonMBB07 Rich ChmielMBB08 Tom BarbMBB09 Don LawMBB10 Pat GregoryMBB11 Ralph NocerinoMBB12 Alan EastmanMBB13 Mike ScheibelMBB14 Bill EmbacherMBB15 Bill EmbacherMBB16 Pete RevickiMBB17 Glenn OhlsenMBB18 Paul DobroskyMBB19 Capt Larry MetzgerMBB20 Joe DalyMBB21 Joe DalyMBB22 Tom CornicelliMBB23 George Rigby VMBB24 James HuntMBB25 Joe PendergastMBB26 Joe PendergastMBB27 Sandy AllenMBB28 Sandy Allen

Al McCormick Gunning Class WHISTLER

MW01 George WilliamsMW02 John BourbonMW03 Alan EastmanMW04 Bill EmbacherMW05 Paul DobroskyMW06 Joe DalyMW07 Joe DalyMW08 George Rigby IVMW09 George Rigby IVMW10 James HuntMW11 Sandy AllenMW12 Sandy Allen

Al McCormick Gunning Class SHELLDRAKE

MSh01 Bill Embacher AMSh02 Lyle SmithMSh03 Joe DalyMSh04 Harold FayMSh05 George Rigby IVMSh06 Fred ReaverMSh07 Sandy AllenMSh08 Sandy Allen A

The Shang Wheeler Heritage Class

Here are the rules:

“Shang Wheeler Heritage Class will show the more elaborate and stylized decoys.  These decoys – not super-detailed carvings with no practical use in the field, i.e., not “floating decoratives” – will have more careful carving and paint jobs possible only by skilled and experienced hands.  Postures can be unusual for decoys but should be floatable.  These decoys will honor the traditions of Elmer Crowell and the Ward Brothers, for example, but could also include replicas of true antique decoys.”

Shang Wheeler Heritage Decoys – ALL SPECIES

WBB01 Ed Gagne AWBB02 Ed GagneWBB03 Glenn SweetWBB04 Frank McCauleyWBB05 Matt DiBernardoWBB06 Paul DobroskyWBD01 Steve SanfordWBD02 Rich ChmielWBD03 Sean SuttonWBD04 Frank McCauleyWBD05 Jode HillmanWBD06 Peter RevickiWBD07 Lyle G SmithWBD08 Paul DobroskyWBD11 Tom CornicelliWBD12 James HuntWBr01 Jode HillmanWBr02 Paul Dobrosky



WSh02 Jode HillmanWSh03 Jode HillmanWSh04 Matt DiBernardoWSh05 James HuntWW01 Raymond HannWW02 Paul Dobrosky

I hope you have enjoyed all of the creativity and talent – and the different styles among our many fine carvers.

All the best,


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