Foamer Decoy Tutorial – a Black and a Mallard

Here is a step-by-step of how I went about making a pair of oversize puddler drakes – a Black Duck and a Mallard – for saltwater.  I used a coat of marine epoxy and sawdust to protect the insulation board foam.  It is similar to Restle Coating; I have not yet tried burlapping.

38. Mallard Drinker in full paint. 36 - All painted. Foamer - C lightened

Here are the finished birds.  They have a nice tough skin – that takes paint very well, with no sealing or priming – but only time will tell how they hold up under gunning use.   If you try this approach, please let me know how you make out.

Burlap and tile mastic probably gives a more durable skin – but it will add perhaps a pound to a decoy of the size.


LOGO Butterball - small

One thought on “Foamer Decoy Tutorial – a Black and a Mallard

  1. Steve, your work is excellent and truly inspiring! One question – which epoxy do you use to skin over foam decoys? (I have some old, beloved Restle decoys that desperately need repair). The original low-viscosity epoxy from West (105) has been augmented with new higher-viscosity systems.
    I’ve been using Bondo and Rocker panel spray, which works, but is very messy and expensive.
    Thank you!
    Dave Jaffin

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