Carving a Mallard Body – Tutorial

67. Whole bird - starboard view.

This step-by-step is a companion to the Carving a Mallard Head – Tutorial.  As with the head, this bird happens to be a decorative, but the process is the same for a hollow wood gunner.  I like round-bottomed birds for the mantelpiece but prefer a flat bottom with a keel for life on the water.

Here is one view of the painted bird:

Mallard Drake - 2 May 2013 back

LOGO Butterball - small

One thought on “Carving a Mallard Body – Tutorial

  1. Dear Mr. Sanford.
    What type of wood is used in this carving? Suggestions of wood for someone just starting out? And Wiley cork company is no longer. Any suggestion for the same quality different location?
    I am truly amazed at what u do. I just found your site. Amazing!!

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