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If you have questions or would like to purchase a carving or painting, please contact me by e-mail at:

Of course, I will keep your contact information strictly private.


At this time, I plan to take commissions for decorative carvings; in the future I may offer flatwork – paintings and drawings – as well.  I do not plan to carve gunning decoys except as singles or pairs – because I want to treat each bird as a creative opportunity and do not want to concern myself with “economies of scale”.  Each carving, whether decorative or functional, will be crafted as an individual work of heirloom-quality art.

Currently Available Work

These pieces are available now.  Prices and descriptions are within the Gallery.  Click on any image to view it larger and within the slide show format.  I also talk about each carving under its species name within the Carvings & Decoys tab.


I hope this site gives you a clear sense of how I approach my art and what you can expect from any piece you might order.  Nevertheless, I offer commissioned work on a “take it or leave it” basis.  By this I mean that you are free to return a commissioned work – within ten (10) days of receipt – if it fails to meet your expectations.  I only require that you cover return postage and insurance – and I can assure you there will be no hard feelings.

I will cover the postage and insurance on each sale.  The buyer is responsible for the price and the sales tax (currently 7 % here in Washington County).  Prices for decorative carvings – my “mantelpiece” birds – typically range between $200 for shorebirds to $600 for the more demanding waterfowl.  I seldom have more than a few pieces on hand but will identify such pieces on this site, along with their prices.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


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