Two Shorebirds

A Killdeer and an Upland Sandpiper for a local fundraiser.

Sanford Steven Jay - Killdeer IN PROCESS

I carved this Killdeer to celebrate the relationship among people, our dairy landscape here in Washington County, and its wildlife.  The Killdeer to many of us who live in farm country is one of the signs of spring.  They are a hard bird to miss once they come back in March.  This will be a part of a local fundraiser run by the Agricultural Stewardship Association – a farmland conservation group.  Their mission is important to me and I am happy to help them whenever I can.

Sanford Steven Jay - Upland Sandpiper IN PROCESS

This Upland Sandpiper was done for the same purpose.  Both birds are carved from White Pine.  The bases are Douglasfir – not a product of the Washington County landscape – and the legs/posts are brass.  Both birds will be painted with oils and the bases finished with a few coats of gunstock oil.

LOGO Butterball - small

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