A pair of mantelpiece shorebirds

I have enjoyed Greater Yellowlegs more frequently and in more places than the Lesser cousin.  Nevertheless, they are both always welcome sights – especially because of their welcome sounds, too.  The Greater will linger into the Long Island gunning seasons and so I have seen it many times there – along with the Black-bellied Plovers, Dunlins and even Oystercatchers overwintering there.  In any season, though, the loud 3-noted call of this “tattler” excites every time.

Yellowlegs for Mike & Lynne - 2 April 2012

This bird now resides with a favorite nephew and his new bride.  They live in and were married in Austin so we took the opportunity to explore a bit of Texas for the first time.  I had actually hoped to see some Yellowlegs – either species would have done – so I could assure the young couple that they could see them “in the flesh” someday.  Alas, no Yellowlegs were to be found.  We had to settle for Black-necked Stilts and even a couple of Whooping Cranes – but neither Yellowleg.

S J Sanford - Greater Yellowlegs

With this bird, I tried to evoke the traditional gunning shorebird.  The oils were worked wet – as if I had to paint a dozen or more at one sitting – and the “turnback” Preener pose would protect that slightly upturned but delicate bill.

LOGO Butterball - small

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