Saratoga Life Studio

Sharpening my drawing and painting skills

29 - Vanessa - 21 November 2011 rr

Shortly after retiring in September of 2010, I joined the Saratoga Life Studio – a 45-minute drive for me most Monday nights.  As with most such studios, artists attend so they can practice their drawing and painting – and even sculpting – from one of the most challenging subjects – the human form.  My time there has been very helpful – and is always a pleasure.  Organized and run by the very talented Jim Schanz, the Studio has just the right ambience.  There is no formal instruction.  As many as 12 or even 14 artists – from young students to veteran professionals, get together to exercise and grow their craft.  Most nights, a single pose is presented for the full three hours.  This enables some of us to use oils and complete a meaningful amount of work at one sitting.  Best of all, though, is the atmosphere – there is no competition in the air.  Artists are interested in each others’ work and can be induced to offer information, advice and even praise – but are mostly just focused in their own efforts.  The intensity of the concentration when all are working is almost palpable.

I mix my efforts – oils when I can and watercolors when I am lazier.  I tend to switch back and forth between the entire form and facial portraits.  I paint rather than draw – although all of my works begin with drawing – because I want to explore color as much as I can.  There are no finished pieces in this gallery, but I am confident that my skills are improving and finished pieces – most likely portraits – will happen when I am ready.  Here is what I have been doing over the past 3 years….

LOGO Butterball - small

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