Canvasback – decoy

25 - Canvasbacks - March 2011 - 600 dpi rr

The King

Tribou Canvasback - 28 January 2013

It must be nice to live within the kingdom of the Canvasback.  I have, at times, lived where I could go visit some.  There were a few ponds on Long Island where I could reliably find a couple of hundred Cans.  When I was first married – in the early 70s – I could see over a thousand on Lake Champlain.  When I lived in Buffalo we had flocks circling our rig on the Niagara River.  The season was closed but it was a sight to see – these really big divers cutting their figure- eights above our heads – with those long silvery wings.  They are a great bird to carve and to note the minor differences between them and their other pochard cousins – not much of a tail section and that neck can get mighty tall.  I especially savor the Roman nose bump and the stippled canvas on the back.

WS - Model 72 Canvasback Hen - 20 March 2013   Model 72 Canvasback Drake - 20 March 2013

This pair are Herters Model 72s – the overize styrofoam birds from the late-50s.  We have always had a half-dozen in our Broadbill rig

WS - Model 72 Cans - SJS 3-13

All 6 were refurbished with epoxy + sawdust and new paint.

Card Holder   Cherry Canvasback Handle - pair

The strong character of the Canvasback lends itself to all sorts of decorative uses – such as my business card holder, a pair of cabinet handles carved from Black Cherry for a friend…

Canvasback - Bow Handle adjstd

and , of course, a bow handle – on a canoe I’ve named Canvasback.

LOGO Butterball - small

One thought on “Canvasback – decoy

  1. Steve, my name is Joe and I live two blocks from the Niagara river in North Tonawanda,N.Y. January 29th there whereat least 1,000 cans in the east Niagara, Cans were a right of passage when I was a kid many years ago. I just found your site and it’s great. Beautiful dekes, Thanks

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